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HALPIN's Staff and Student Alumni

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Eamon Downes

Irish Naval Service Mechatronics Secondment

From February 2015 until June 2017, Eamon was the INS secondment to HALPIN. During that time Eamon supported work on numerous mechatronics projects particularly the aeolus-M3 project. Eamon also undertook studies for a Diploma leading to a Masters in Marine Spatial Planning and is continuing those studies with HALPIN support having returned to active seagoing service with the Naval Service.

Projects: aeolus-M3, SMARTCOAST


Erika Downing

Lt. Cmdr. Erika Downing


Erika is a serving Lt. Commander in the Irish Naval Service. Erika worked with Halpin on the SECILE and ARCOPOL-Plus projects. She was also supported by funding from the Halpin Centre under the SECILE project to pursue a Masters in law with University College Cork. Erika's thesis addressed matters pertaining to understanding operational perspectives of entities, individuals and institutions that are tasked with putting maritime counter-terrorism measures into effect.

Projects: Erika Downing's Masters, SECILE, ARCOPOL+


Fergie Heaton

CPO Fergie Heaton

Irish Naval Service Mechatronics Secondment

Fergie worked with Halpin during 2014 and 2015 as the first Irish Naval Service secondment to Halpin. Fergie worked on Halpin's ARCOPOL-PLUS, ARCOPOL-PLATFORM and PERSEUS projects and played a key role in helping to kick-start Halpin's maritime mechatronics activities. In 2016, Fergie retired from the Naval Service after a distinguished career.

Projects:ARCOPOL-Platform, PERSEUS, , SMARTCOAST (SeaMote)


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Core Staff, Associate Staff, Visiting Researchers, Robert Halpin