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Fair Winds and Weather Eamon!

eamon_downes[Cork, May 26th 2017]
P.O Eamon Downes, INS secondment to HALPIN for the past 2 years is rotating back into active seagoing service and leaving HALPIN's shores for now. We will really miss Eamon's calm demeanour, his work ethic, extensive technical knowledge & hands-on practical experience, his very wry sense of humour and his friendship. Read this...

Cliodhna Sargent Successfully Defends Her PhD Thesis

cliodhna_sargent[Cork, May 23rd 2017]
On Tuesday May 23rd 2017, HALPIN postgraduate Cliodhna Sargent successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled Analysis of the Physiological and Psychological Wellbeing of Irish Naval Service Personnel. A very special congratulations Cliodhna on a job well done! Read this...

Eoin Moynihan Successfully Defends His PhD Thesis

eoin_moynihan[Cork, May 4th 2017]
On Thursday May 4th 2017, HALPIN postgraduate Eoin Moynihan successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled An Investigation of the Effects of Public Policy on Regional Concentration and Company Linkages in the Maritime Sector. Eoin has the honour of being HALPIN's first ever PhD success. A very special congratulations Eoin on a job well done! Read this...

HALPIN welcomes P.O. Dave O'Leary as the new INS Secondment


[Cork, April 25th 2017]
We're delighted to welcome aboard HALPIN, P.O. Dave O'Leary as the new Irish Naval Service secondment. Dave will join us in June and take over from P.O. Eamon Downes who is returning to active seagoing duty with the Naval Service. Read this...

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