Cdr. Tom Tuohy (Rtd)

Maritime Operations Principle Investigator

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Contact Details

Email; Phone; +353 (0)21 4335623


Tom_TuohyTom joined HALPIN in October 2012 and today heads up the Maritime Operations team. In a 36 year Naval Career he gained extensive command experience at sea in command of L.E. Orla, L.E. Deirdre, L.E. Aoife and the Flagship L.E. Eithne. Ashore he commanded the Naval Depot and commanded the Naval College for over 8 years. Tom brings extensive Management experience gained from being Head of HR in the Navy to being senior staff officer in charge of Plans and Policy at Naval Headquarters. In 1999 he was appointed the Navy representative on the three person project team tasked with the development of the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI). In that role, Tom helped take the project from concept to fully operational (2004) and was the first Associate Head of the NMCI from 2004 to 2006. He is a fellow of the Nautical Institute, a fellow of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

Current Projects

CAMELOT (Project Manager), EUCISE-2020 (Project Manager)

Publications & Research Outputs
  • ARCOPOL-Platform Command and control Test & Demonstration Exercises for HNS spills response. Exercise 1 - Pollution Incident at Sea; Transcript, video. Exercise 2 - Pollution Incident in port; Transcript. Exercise 3 - Inshore Pollution Incident; Transcript.
Past Projects

SEASEARCH (Project Manager), ARCOPOL-Platform, ARCOPOL+, CISE COOP (Project Manager), SECILE (Project Manager), DARIUS (Project Manager), PERSEUS (Project Manager), NETMAR

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