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Funding:Programme; Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund for 3rd Level Researchers. Funding amount €430k
Timeline:Start; January 2016. Duration; 1.5 years (+2M extension)
Coordinator:TEC Gateway, CIT
HALPIN Team:Project Manager; Cormac Gebruers, Lead Mechatronics Researcher; Mike Griew, Researcher; Dave O'Leary
Overview:Aeolus a mid-altitude surveillance platform for use in security, health and safety operations. This project is developing a minimum viable product version of the Aeolus platform. The platform is targeted at maritime safety and security agencies to provide coastal and vessel assets with longer range situational awareness information to enhance tactical decision making. The platform incorporates a number of sensors including surface target detection radar. The Aeolus project is a joint collaboration between the project partners and the Irish Defence Forces, Enterprise Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster.
Theme(s): Maritime Mechatronics
Maritime Operations; Safety, Maritime Operations; Security & Defence
Partners: 2 Irish partners:
TEC Gateway, CIT , Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre, University of Limerick
HALPIN Roles:Halpin is responsible for the technical delivery of the minimum viable product platform including all aspects of the airborne platform and hardware aspects of the ground station.
Links:Project Site
Deliverables:Minimum Viable Product solution (M18)

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