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Funding:Programme; European Space Agency ARTES 20 IAP. Activity; Demonstration Project. Funding amount €2.2M
Timeline:Start June 2016; . Duration; 2 years
Coordinator:DFRC AG
HALPIN Team:Project Manager & lead researcher; Tom Tuohy, Researcher; Mike Griew
Overview:SEASEARCH. Market analysis has demonstrated that there is a real need and so a promising market for a unique solution offering exceptional performance for detecting and tracking of small vessels, that are not equipped or not using AIS. SEASEARCH involves the futher development and operational testing of a passive mobile phone handset signal detection technology for use in maritime safety, security & defence applications. SEASEARCH is building innovative sensors that are able to enhance a Maritime Situation Awareness Picture based on a detection of mobile phone handset signals carried by persons at sea, allowing SEASEARCH to track small vesselsor vessels with AIS transponders that are turned-off or otherwise non-functional.
Theme(s):Maritime Operations; Safety, Maritime Operations; Security & Defence, Maritime Mechatronics
Partners: 3 partners across 2 countries:
DFRC AG , TechWorks Marine Ltd. , University College Cork
  • Support and facilitate install and test SEASEARCH sensors on Irish Naval Service and Irish Coast Guard assets and on the Irish Coast
  • Development of technical support approaches for an operational SEASEARCH systems
  • Development of training approaches for an operational SEASEARCH system
  • Project Site
  • Video highlights of SEASEARCH workshop held in NMCI on 12th April 2017
  • Design & Deployment Plan (M3)
  • Small Scale Deployment & Integration (M12)
  • Full Scale Deployment (M21)
  • Operation Service and System Verification (M24)

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