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  1. In WP3 - Safe Arctic Navigation, HALPIN will lead T3.3 - Safe Arctic Navigation Assistance solutions development. HALPIN's work will focus particularly on the acquisition and codification of expert Arctic navigation knowledge, on developing solutions, roadmaps and strategies to manage navigation aids and communications platforms limitations in the Arctic and on Procdedures and training guidelines development.
  2. In WP4 - Integrated Safe Arctic Knowledge Base HALPIN will lead work on T4.3 - Safety Assessment of Low Flash Point Fuels that will include work on an Arctic Accident Safety Assessment.
  3. HALPIN is the WP6 - Stakeholder Engagement and Diffusion work package leader. Furthermore, HALPIN will lead T6.2 - Stakeholder Workshops Organisation.
  4. In WP7 - Project Management HALPIN is task leader for T7.3 - Quality & Risk Management.
  1. D3.5 - Codified Arctic Navigation Knowledge Base. (M12)
  2. D3.6 - Arctic Navigation & Communications Solutions, Roadmaps & Mitigation Strategies. (M24)
  3. D3.7 - Arctic Bridge Operating Procedures Manual. (M30)
  4. D4.3 - Safety Assessment of Low Flash Point Fuels. (M35)
  5. D7.4 - Quality Plan, Risk Log & Annual Quality and Risk Review Reports. (M6, 12, 18, 24, 30 & 36)

HALPIN Project Activities Summary

  • "THE FUTURE OF ARCTIC SHIPPING", SEDNA Workshop. June 26th 2018 - Event

    SEDNA[Cork, May 14th 2018]
    A workshop to discuss the Future of Actic Shipping will take place in NMCI on June 26th. All are welcome... Read this...

  • HALPIN Research - Breaking the Ice for the SEDNA H2020 project

    SEDNA[MV ATLE, Northern Baltic Sea, March 16th 2018]
    This week, three HALPIN researchers are on the icebreakter "ATLE" in the northern Baltic doing field work for the SEDNA H2020 project. Read this...

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