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Funding:Programme; ERASMUS+. Call; 2014 Round 1, KA2 Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices. Action; Strategic Partnerships. Field; Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training. Funding amount €450k
Timeline:Start; July 2015. Duration; 3 years (+2M extension)
Coordinator:Autorità Portuale di Livorno
HALPIN Team:Project Manager & lead researcher; Paul Shanahan
Overview:VETPORT is supporting national and regional adoption of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) by developing methodologies for recognising competence in port and logistics operations. The project is focussing on three sectoral professions namely Terminal and Port Manager, Planning Supervisor and Articulated Vehicle Driver. The project will develop new innovative curricula, educational methods and training courses that will help overcome skills mismatches that exist and will support employee mobility A successful project will see VET policies more closely aligned with national, regional and local development strategies and new partnerships created between educators and employers.
Theme(s):Maritime Operations; Training & Education Innovation, Maritime Operations; Supply Chain
Partners: 5 partners across 3 countries:
Autorità Portuale di Livorno , Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo , STC-Group , Fundacion De La Comunidad Valenciana Para La Investigacion, Promocion Y Estudios Comerciales De ValenciaPort - VPF , Instituto di Cultura Marittimo Portuale Di Trieste
HALPIN Roles:The project is organised into four phases - preparation, implementation, dissemination and follow-up. HALPIN has tasks across all these phases. Preparation tasks involving HALPIN include analyses and studies of the three professions being considered. Under implementation, HALPIN is involved in bringing together data on skills standards pertinent to training and accreditation for the three professional profiles, is supporting the development of an MOU for applying credit transfer and is designing training processes for the three professional profiles. HALPIN with partner STC-Group is authoring a report on ECVET training for the three professions that will form part of the final project report. Dissemination tasks include holding an information day in Ireland and supporting the project closing event that will be held in Brussels in October 2017. HALPIN will also support the prepration of a policy report addressing recommendations and guidelines to present to national and EU policy makers.
Deliverables:O1 - Analysis & Study of the 3 Common Port Professionals in Participating Countries (M30)

HALPIN Project Activities Summary

  • PPA-visit[Cork, August 23rd 2017]
    A delegation from the Philippines Port Authority visited NMCI & HALPIN this week to learn about training and training & education related innovation and were briefed on the VETPORT project by the HALPIN team. See here.

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